Four Season Color Analysis

Four Season Color Analysis

It's no secret that the same dress may suit someone but does not flatter someone else at all. Everyone knows that it depends on color. But how?
Swiss artist Johannes Itten, while looking through the works of his students, paid attention to the existence of a certain relationship between the color of a student’s eyes, hair and skin and their favorite paints. His conclusion that a person’s favorite colors are determined not by mere chance but are a manifestation of one’s nature was later applied to fashion by the psychologist Carole Jackson. She proposed a simple scheme: all people are divided into 4 groups of color types named for the seasons - on one hand, Spring and Autumn (warm tones), on the other - Summer and Winter (cold tones). Forget professional stylists and shopping advisors, you can easily determine your color type with a few easy steps. The result will be more correct (and the process more amusing) if you invite some friends to help you.

1. Sit in front of a large mirror. The lighting should not be too bright, but strong enough to make the colors look natural.
2. If your hair is dyed, cover it with a white kerchief. Otherwise, the result may be incorrect.
3. Remove all decorative cosmetics from your face.
4. Take a good look at your reflection.
5. Alternately hold cloths of peach and pink colors up to your face. Depending on which color makes your face look better, you belong in the group with warm peach tones (Spring and Autumn) or the group with cool pinkish tones (Winter and Summer).

First test: Cold - Warm

6. If you are in the cold tones group, use scarves or cloth pieces of the following colors: bright pink, black, and bright yellow (Winter); pale pink, burgundy and blue steel (Summer). And if you are in the warm tones group, use grassy green, lemon yellow and bright blue (Spring); olive, yellow ocher and deep blue-green (Autumn). To help you choose samples, we have put these colors in the table.

Cold color group: Winter - Summer
Warm color group: Spring - Autumn

7. Hold samples of the six colors in your group (warm or cold) up to your face. Try to determine the three colors that look best alongside your face. So, you now know your color type: Winter or Summer, Spring or Autumn. Do not be upset if you have to give up a color. In the wide range of shades shown in our table, you will certainly find one that suits you. For example, you are "Spring" and are looking for tones of red. The ones most suitable for you are poppy and orange-red.
8. Our tips work well for both clothing and cosmetics. We recommend purchasing most clothes at the time of the year that your color type is named for. The choice will be more successful if you decide in advance what color you are going to buy. The salesperson with the same color type as yours will be the best to consult.
And something about jewelry: gold goes better with warm peach tones, silver with cold, pinkish ones.


4 seasons color system, color table - Winter


4 seasons color system, color table - Summer


4 seasons color system, color table - Spring


4 seasons color system, color table - Autumn