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Weirdo Studio - New Decadent Luxury

Full creative freedom and provocation in a premium silk scarf

Weirdo Studio is a premium silk accessories boutique brand launched in New York City in 2018. Our decadent scarves with dark and provocative motifs are the paragon of the studio.

Scarf Agape 36". Anthrazite
The exquisite quality of hemming of the Scarf Agape 36". Anthrazite


We keep the tradition of our branding and are proud of its consistency. Our logo rapidly became an essential part of our style, and you can find it on all our products, from a pocket scarf to a dress.
Each piece has its own branding created in accordance with the most optimal ergonomics and aesthetics. We place the logo at the four corners of our scarves, at different angles, so that you could fold and wear them in a range of unique ways.

Weirdo Studio branding
Weirdo Studio's logotypes placed in the space of square scarf.

Weirdo's DNA

In Weirdo Studio, we are passionate about art history and the evolution of fashion, ornaments and design. We intervene ancient art and classicism in our contemporary pieces. We trace cultural connections of who we are now to our primordial roots. We love juxtaposition and controversy, the clash of classicism and futurism. Dark Romanticism
Decadence & Provocation
In our studio, we play by our own rules. We do not follow the seasons, but rather work on small series of artifacts delivered monthly. Our game - our rules
When we create our designs, we pursue simplicity. Yet, we adore the complex inspiration that the aesthetics of our sources brings us. We create our pieces for all who admire art, delight in symbolic intricacies and associations or simply look to add more sophistication and beauty to their looks. Complexity Vs Simplicity

Stylized into rich Victorian xylography, the silks combine the warmth of the old prints with futuristic elements executed in CG graphics.


All our pieces are 100% natural mulberry silk.

We enjoy packaging your silk piece

Names Of Love

The recent series ‘Names of Love’ is presented in three already produced items. There’s 7 of them at all. Current pieces are made in 36" (90 cm) and 43" (135 cm).
It depicts “anatomical angels” already found in the Stella scarf in an “alive ornament of bodies” creating an epic picture of life and love.
About series
The "Names Of Love" series appeals to the classical legacy and recreate ancient imagery and of a new democracy. Somehow constructivist usability and minimalism led us to what we believe as an artist and what you believe and what you want to reflect as human beings - equality, democracy, humanist values.


This series has three different pieces, each represented in three distinct color palettes.

The first piece depicts Edgar Allan Poe in his garden of imagination. You can almost smell these exotic flowers, as if they were real. The Old Russian lettering on the top of this portrait of the American Icon says “Edgar Allan Poe.”

In the second piece, Edgar Poe evanesces and becomes part of his own garden. A distinct version the Old Russian lettering says “Edgar Allan Poe.”

The third piece features only flowers. Their surreal pattern evokes the beautiful legacy of their creator.

We relish uniting different culture codes on a square yard of our magic.
White NIght 36 Pink Edge. Detail


Oscar's Garden

The pieces for Oscar's Garden series are executed in the psychedelic coloration and techniques of the 70s. We celebrate the legacy of Oscar Wilde and combine it with the more recent spirit of liberty that we are convinced he would have been happy to witness himself. In our art, we strive to relate Wilde's legacy to today's freedom in order to create new meanings. The series consists of three different prints that feature flowers, as well as a more subtle design, with no flowers, but no less psychedelic. Oscar Wilde and the 70's


Dresses based on scarves is logical continuance of the brand’s development. The dress design connected to the scarf image. Weirdo’s logotypes are placed in four corners of the square or rectangular pattern of a dress. Classical idea of simplicity and ratio is taken as a base. Two seems and two hitches allow us to create a functional piece of clothing: tunika, khiton or peplos. The simplicity is empowered with the passion to details and supported with premium execution. Ribbons - special print companion which complements finishing of the dress edge.
Dresses are available by pre-order.


Current prices per unit vary from $250 for the minimalist, more “manly” agate or malachite texture Stella scarves to $295 for more elaborate ones. Shawls are $750. All prices currently include free international shipping.

About founder

The Weirdo Studio was founded in 2018th by Maxim Bondarenko - a New York-based artist and designer, who previously worked for European and Russian fashion brands and whose works were presented at Paris Fashion Week and Cannes International Film festival.

The most rebellious people often need the most luxurious ways to express themselves.

Maxim Bondarenko, Creative Director @ Weirdo Studio New York
Agape 53 Green Gold $745

Agape 53 Gold

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